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It has to be one of the most joyous days of the year when we can put away our bulky winter mittens and dig out our favourite summer gloves. A good summer glove is lightweight, thin and offers loads of dexterity without skimping on protection. Here's our top 5 for this year! Be sure to watch our video review and have Tim run you through the list.

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Goldtop Viceroy Gloves

We could have picked any glove from the Goldtop range and it would have suited our top 5. The brand consistently produces top tier motorcycle jackets and gloves at remarkable price points. We chose the Viceroy because we love the "floating knuckle" and the subtle design accents.

Goldtop Viceroy Gloves - Waxed Tan


Goldtop Viceroy Gloves - Black


Knox Orsa Gloves

All gloves in this line-up are CE tested and approved and thus offer a reassuring degree of protection when on the bike. The Knox Orsa is probably the most protective of the lot, with a beefy knuckle protector, super-strong construction and hard scaphoid protectors on the palms. Bonus points for the mildly addictive BOA closure around the wrist.

Knox Orsa OR3 Gloves - Black


Knox Orsa Leather Gloves - Black


Knox Urbane Pro Gloves

Knox's second mention in this list goes to the Urbane Pro glove. As the name might suggest, this glove is designed to go with Knox's hugely popular vented top. "Vented" is an understatement when it comes to these gloves, as they are created from sturdy arrow-mesh panels that will let any breeze flow right through. Perfect for hot summer rides, especially considering you still get knuckle and scaphoid protection that puts many other gloves to shame

Knox Urbane Pro Gloves - Black


Belstaff Montgomery Gloves

The most "classic" looking glove in this line-up is the Belstaff Montgomery. It is made out of super soft but sturdy sheepskin which is comfortable out of the box and only gets better with age. Plenty of perforations on the back of the hand make these a sufficiently breathable option to ride through all but the very hottest days. The black version of this glove has been in our collection for almost 4 years now, but this year Belstaff added a beautiful sand suede option to the range.

Belstaff Montgomery Gloves - Black


Belstaff Montgomery Suede Gloves - Sand


Rev'it! Sand 4 Gloves

Revit are bringing their A-game this year when it comes to motorcycle gloves and there are plenty of amazing options in their range. What makes the Sand 4 so interesting is that it comes in two versions: a vented one and a waterproof one. Equally up to the task of protecting your hands, equally well-fitting and equally comfortable when on the bike. One is for the hot days, the other for the wet ones. Over the course of any UK summer, we all know you'll need both...

Rev'it Sand 4 H2O Gloves - Black/Red


Rev'it Sand 4 Gloves - Black/Red


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