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Velomacchi Speedway Gloves

Velomacchi are a small company based in Oregon, USA and headed up by Kevin Murray who has had stints as Design Director of Equipment at North Face and Columbia Sportswear.  Expectations have to be high given that pedigree.

The Speedway glove is part of the 'Privateer' collection and is inspired by flat track and racing gloves of the 60s and 70s.  Think Kenny Roberts and company.  Visually, it's a beautiful glove, the combination of black and tan is timeless.  The palm is deerskin, soft and supple and the reinforcements are goat skin.  Brass rivets are a stylish way of providing extra protection on the inside of the palm.  Rubber dorsal guards are double stitched on which not only enhance the retro aesthetic but act as a visor wipe.

So how good are they?  Company Director Will has been trying a pair for the last three months, here is his verdict.

'First impressions the glove looks more expensive than its price tag.  It's beautifully detailed and instantly extremely comfortable.  Like so many leather goods it is manufactured in Pakistan, hence the very reasonable price point.

The mid-length cuff is great for weather protection.  Most of my use has been summer ranging from 20-30 centigrade which it is perfect for.  I expect to extend its use with an inner glove and think it will be fine down to 10 degrees.  

I rode with the glove for 25 miles a day to work and the leather quickly took to the shape of my hand.  10/10 for comfort.  I had concerns that the stitching on the rubber dorsal protectors on the hand might come away slowly but no such problem.  The tan leather quickly dirtied up, see the pictures below.

I see so many gloves, I rarely get excited but the Speedway is special.  I will be using them as long as the weather stays warm enough!'

Velomacchi Speedway Gloves Review 1 Velomacchi Speedway Gloves Review 2


Revit Ginza Boot New

Revit Ginza Product Page

Co-owner Will has been using the Rev'it! Ginza Boot over the last 14 months, here is his assessment.

What have you been using the boots for?

I commute across London 8 miles each way in all weathers, I spend all day in them, walking around the office, showroom or workshop.  On the weekends I might be out on a ride or doing some DIY.  I confess to not being someone who particularly looks after their kit, so any boots I own are in for a tough life.

Why did you choose the Ginza?

I chose the Ginza because of their height, just above the ankle, not too many laces to do up.  Also because they don't have a synthetic waterproof membrane but are water resistant due to the natural oil in the leather.  Many modern waterproof membranes result in pongy feet if you are planning on spending all day in them.  Crucially the Ginza has the tongue gusset sewn in, so water doesn't get past the laced opening.  As most of my riding is short journeys the lack of total waterproofing doesn't matter to me, I prefer the breathability and comfort.  Stylistically they mimic the shape of a Timberland boot and I like that.

How have they performed?

The good:  The boots are instantly extremely comfortable, they broke in only after a week of use and the white sole dirtied up nicely.  They genuinely have gotten better looking with age and use.  I haven't needed the protection in them but with thermoformed sections front, rear and in the ankle I expect them to do well upto 50mph. Also worthy of noting is that these boots manage to carry this level of protection without feeling cumbersome.  The laces are good and strong, a criticism of some of my previous motorcycle boots.

The not so good:  The sole on the back is wearing down through the heavy use.  I think I will get at most 3 years of use out of these boots, but I think that's acceptable for the price.

Overall Verdict

Finding a balance between everyday comfort and protection is a dark art.  Rev'it! have nailed it with the Ginza.  I highly recommend the boots.  Some people aren't sure on the colour at first but see the pictures, they look great with a bit of use!

Revit Ginza Used

Kriega R25 product page

When shopping in the higher echelons of the retail market we are often told that a premium brand’s goods can be justified because they last far longer than those of their more competitively priced rivals. Patek Philippe emplore us to look after their watch “for the next generation”. Our customers often talk of a good Belstaff or Barbour jacket as having lasted a lifetime.

It is increasingly rare to find items built to last like these. Many designers are required to factor in a built-in obsolescence so that their goods last past the statutory warranty but will need replacing every few years, ensuring a regular stream of income for the brand.

Kriega have always approached their products from the opposite perspective. They build the product they want, using the best materials and worry about the details such as pricing later.

Writing this review made me realise I have now been riding over 10 years. When I started, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I spent all my savings in one go on cheap gear. I hated the look of all of it and to make matters worse it didn’t even work and, within no time at all, had fallen apart.

My Kriega R25 rucksack was the first item I purchased after deciding to invest in decent gear.

Kriega provide a 10 year guarantee on all of their products and I can proudly confirm that their goods stand up to this test. I have ridden continuously throughout this 10 year period, using my R25 almost every time I have ridden. It has seen me through my sportsbike phase, my adventure phase, journeyed with me all round Europe and has even come on the ski slopes with me numerous times.

The R25 provides up to 25 litres of storage with straps to compress the main compartment when needed. This has shown to provide enough space for commuting and touring. I usually commute with a 15” laptop bag as well as a pair of trousers and shoes in the main compartment. When I go touring I also take a US20 Drybag mounted at the rear. This gives me room for everything I need for up to 10 days abroad. I’d recommend buying the Harness pocket to accompany the smaller and mid-sized bags in the Kriega range. It’s ideal for storing keys, wallets, passports and other items you might need to access on the go. Plus, it makes you look like you're ready for action, ready to base jump off the next cliff on your motorcycle.

I am not a particularly careful owner. I purchased my BMW R1200 GS purely on the basis that I wouldn’t ever need to bother adjusting a chain again. Similarly, my R25 has received no affection, only respect. Despite me, the bag operates perfectly. There is not one single rip or tear to the outer fabric. The zippers have not broken off, the quad lock system still works perfectly and with ease. The bag doesn’t even look particularly used. In short this bag has sat faithfully on my shoulders and watched several full outfits deteriorate and be replaced through the years, without faltering even slightly. I am starting to feel a little bit sentimental in writing this. Call me strange, but I’m going to go and give my R25 an appreciative nod, I think it’s earned it after all these years.



We are looking for a new team member to work at our London HQ.  If you are passionate about motorcycles then this could be your dream job.  The role is full time, pay subject to experience.

The role is wide ranging and will involve working on the shop floor in a customer facing role whilst assisting the operations side of the online business at busy points in the day.

Example of the day to day tasks are:

  • Assisting customers in-store with purchases
  • Re-stocking the shop floor
  • Goods in
  • Answering telephone queries
  • Assisting with order fulfillment at busy times

The role will suit someone who is:

  • Interested in motorcycles
  • Out-going and communicative
  • Good with computers
  • Excellent English language

Apply by emailing your CV and why you would like to work at Urban Rider to:

Rev't Regent H2O in Black

Rev'It! Regent H2O product page

For a few years, I’ve been on a seemingly never-ending quest to find a decent pair of waterproof motorcycle boots. They need to be protective enough to give me peace of mind even when on longer motorway rides, be comfortable enough to allow me to stroll around town without tormenting my feet and lastly they need to not make me look completely out of place when I get off my bike and mingle with the non-biker masses. 

I’ve always loved the looks of the Rev’It! Rodeo boots: classic, clean, tough yet not too bulky. They’d be a no-brainer for me, if I lived in a place a bit dryer than good old soggy London … I spend two hours a day sat on my bike, commuting through London to and from the Urban Rider headquarters, and I tend to clock quite a few miles outside of that too. I like my feet dry. 

I was delighted when Rev’It! announced H2O (waterproof) versions of their successful Regent and Royale boots. Although I’m very fond of the brown & olive colour scheme the Royale H2O’s come in, in the end I opted for the black Regent H2O boots. Their sole and overall shape closely resemble the much-loved Rodeo boots and I quite like the wooden part in the heel. 

When trying them on for size, I was pleased with the level of comfort these boots offer. Until I had to take a five minute walk to the nearest post office. My feet are certainly not the widest, and still it felt like they were being put in a slowly tightening vice. I was honestly worried I had just spent good money on what could be the worst boot I’ve ever bought. I decided to persist and see if they’d break in. 

A week filled with cursing later and they slowly but surely started to feel more and more comfortable when out and about. It’s come to the point that I can happily wear these boots all day long. In fact, last weekend I spent all afternoon walking through the Somerset countryside in them. Hell, I’m wearing them right now in the office typing out this review, but that might be because they’re quite the hassle to put on and take off: they’re a fully laced boot and you have to undo them a fair bit to get them off without feeling like you’ll pull your ankles out of their sockets. They could’ve done with a zip to the side, but that would deduct from their sleek looks and make it harder to keep these puppies waterproof. 

And waterproof they are. I’ve been using these boots for nearly half a year now and have inevitably got caught in quite a few downpours while wearing them. Bone dry! Their waterproof and breathable hydratex membrane does its job brilliantly, just make sure your trousers are long enough so they don’t fill up from the top. I learned that lesson the hard way…

These boots come equipped with a Coolmax mesh liner that moves perspiration away from your skin and the breathable membrane keeps the inside of your boots from becoming a biohazard and threat to all of humanity. This works very well to a certain extent and no one in my near surroundings has fainted as of yet, but in the midst of summer when the temperatures hit their yearly peak, rest assured you’ll be aware of the fact you’re wearing a sturdy motorcycle boot. 

And they definitely are sturdy: the reinforced heel, toe and ankle cup make this a boot with outstanding protective features that will keep your feet and ankles safe should the worst happen. 

So what about those looks? I’m absolutely chuffed about how beautiful the leather is aging, and that with minimal maintenance. Take a look at the picture below, snapped only a few minutes ago. 

Conclusion: My initial worries quickly faded and these boots have become my go-to footwear whenever I get on the bike, and sometimes even when I don’t. A worthy investment.

Revit regent h2o in use

Watch our preview of what's new for the 2016 Belstaff Pure Motorcycle Collection.  We will be stocking all items featured in the video and you can also check out our detailed product reviews for each item in the colleciton.  Delivery expected around the end of November 2015.  We are taking pre orders now.  Get yours in time for Christmas.

The Pagnol M1 leather jacket is a new item from a new brand.  Pagnol Moto are a team that hail from the USofA and are made up of a small group of guys with a wealth of backgound in product design from the motorsports sector.  The M1 jacket is the first jacket to be released and has been a success over the pond.  With a blend of retro and modern styling the jacket is designed to be both functional and all day comfortable, and a look at these early samples suggests they have succeeded in creating this as well as a jacket that is rather original.  Watch our Pagnol M1 leather jacket review for a full run down of the features.  We hope to receive stock in Spring 2015 and in the ematime would love to hear your comments and feedback on what you think of the jacket and whether this is something you'd want to see in store.

The Belstaff Esses leather motorcycle gloves are from the new 2015 Pure Motorcycle Collection.  They are the only gloves in the range.  They feature a full grain nappa leather outer which is also waterproof and breathable.  Theya re stylish and comfortable but please note, thy come up very small.  Check out the size guide on our website or watch the Belstaff Esses gloves video review for a full run down of the features.

The Premier Trophy Carbon helmet is a new addition to the popular Premier Trophy helmet range offering exposed carbon detailing on the shell of the helmet.  There are a range of different carbon fininshes to choose from.  Watch our Premier Trophy carbon helmet video review for a full run down of the features.

The Rev'it Royale boots are a mix of waterproof leather and suede with a velcro upper strap for extra comfort.  The boots are in stock and available now with free next day UK delivery from Urban Rider.  Watch our Rev'it Royale boots video review for a full run down of the features.

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