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Top 5 Open Face Helmets 2022 

Whether you are suiting up for the DGR or making the most of the warmer weather, open-face helmet season is well and truly upon us! There are a lot of options out there so we thought we'd make things a little easier and give you an overview of our Top 5 Open Face Helmets for 2022.

Scroll down to take a look and be sure to watch our video review and have Tim run you through the list.

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DMD Vintage

Talking about low-profile helmets: the DMD Vintage is undoubtedly amongst the smallest ECE-approved helmets out there. Available in a whole host of colours ranging from clean and classy to hilariously outlandish, the Vintage has long established itself as a firm staff favourite.

Their standard colours are very reasonably priced, while their more expensive Oro line is hand-finished with leather trim and rivals the Hedon Hedonists in their premium finish. Worth noting that while the Hedonist caters to rounder head shapes, the DMD Vintage is more suited to those of us with more oval heads.

"The DMD looks universally a little bit smaller than the rest of it's competition. If you are looking for a stylish, lightweight and slim profile helmet this is definitely worth checking out"

DMD Vintage Helmet Review

Roeg Jettson 2.0 

Sporting the same timeless shape and sleek profile as their popular Jett helmet, the new and improved Jettson 2.0 is a 70s inspired retro open face with distinguished details. This revamped Roeg lid has aged brass hardware and comes in 8 tasteful colours.

The Jettson's RQ light fiberglass shell comes in 4 different sizes with a slim profile liner in place to ensure the helmet sits nice and low on your head.

"I love the retro styling. It's a really simple, really clean looking and affordable helmet. Definitely worth your attention"

Bell Custom 500

The Bell Custom 500 is one of our bestselling open faces and a stalwart helmet in this class. Inspired by Bell's original: the Classic 500. It has that great pedigree and originality but with all the modern touches you would expect from a manufacturer like Bell. A recent price drop (rare nowadays!) means the Custom 500 offers excellent value for money.

The Custom 500 is a very popular helmet and in today's climate supply can prove tricky, any stock that arrives in the country tends to sell quick. If the size you are after is out of stock, be sure to subscribe to the back-in-stock notification on the product page!

Also worth noting is the fact that sizing is optimised for round and intermediate head shapes. If you have a more overtly oval head shape, we recommend looking at the DMD Vintage.

"Next up is a stalwart in this class. You will have definitely come across this helmet before. A really popular helmet so we couldn't not include this."

Bell Custom 500 Helmet Review

Hedon Hedonist

"Hedon start at premium and build from there. If you are looking for an eloquente design and want to look distinguished whilst on the bike, this is a helmet to check out"

The Hedon Hedonists are renowned for a finish that is nothing short of sheer luxury. All Hedonist helmets have a premium calf leather trim and liner, attached to the helmet shell by the crafty hands in the Hedon ateliers. That shell is made from carbon-reinforced fibreglass which equates to a very strong, hard-wearing yet lightweight helmet.

If you're after a low profile, high comfort helmet, it doesn't get much better than this. The wide range of colours and designs available for the Hedonist will make it a tough choice, we speak from experience!

Do be aware: the Hedonist sizes smaller than other helmets. You might have to pick one size up from your usual helmet size. The size guide on our website is adjusted to reflect this, be sure to have a look.

Hedon Hedonist Helmet Video Review

Roeg Sundown 2.0

A close cousin of the popular Jettson which you saw above, the Roeg Sundown sets itself apart from the other helmets in this range with an integrated retractable drop-down visor. This handy addition not only gives you more control over wind protection but it does away with the need for snaps resulting in a nice clean profile. It does inevitably make the shell a little bigger compared to the other helmets in this list but that is a sacrifice you will have to make if you want the added convenience.

"This one stands out from the rest of the crowd for a very obvious reason - that internal visor. This feature brings added functionality but can be retracted to accommodate goggles if you prefer that option. The Sundown also gets away without front snaps giving it a overall cleaner look"

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