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There are a plethora of motorcycle jeans on the market right now and we know it can be quite tricky to find the right one to suit your needs and preferences. We have selected 5 of our favourites out of our vast range of options, each of which has something different to offer. Be sure to watch our video review and have Tim run you through the ins and outs of these protective denims!

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Knox Richmond MKII Jeans

The Knox Richmond MKII has been our best-selling jean for two seasons now. This multi-layered pair of jeans have a stretchy Cordura denim outer backed up by a full-length DuPont Kevlar lining. They come equipped with Knox's own Micro-Lock armour. One of our favourite features is the hidden zips on the inside of the knee that allow you to easily remove the armour after parking up the bike without having to drop your trousers. These CE Level AA certified jeans are also the cheapest on our list and at the time of writing are price matched to sell at £159.98 - you are guaranteed the best price with us, as always.

Knox Richmond MKII Jeans


Knox Richmond MKII Jeans


Resurgence Warrior Lite Jeans

Similar to the Knox jeans above, the Resurgence Warrior is also a layered pair of jeans with a denim outer and a Pekev aramid liner. This liner covers 80% of your legs, leaving room to fold up the hem and expose the reflective strip on the side. The Warriors come equipped with super-slim D3O Ghost armour in the knees and hips and are CE Level AA certified.

Resurgence Warrior Lite Men's Jeans - Indigo Blue


Resurgence Warrior Lite Men's Jeans - Black


Resurgence Warrior Lite Women's Jeans - Indigo Blue


Resurgence Ultimate Ultra Lite Jeans

The Ultimate Ultra Lite are Resurgence Gear's second entry in this list and the first single-layer jeans to be mentioned. Single-layer jeans have seen a sharp rise in popularity in the past few years as the development of protective fabrics has evolved. 

In this case, Resurgence has woven PEKEV® Ultra Lite fabric into cotton and elastane denim, making the Ultimate single-layer jeans a light, comfortable yet highly abrasion-resistant piece of kit. Included in the price are CE approved D3O® Ghost knee and hip armour. Combined, this secures the Ultimate jeans with their CE Level AA safety rating. Single-layer jeans tend to be more expensive than their layered counterparts, so it's impressive to see Resurgence keep the price below the £200 mark.

Resurgence Ultimate Ultra Lite Men's Jeans - Indigo Blue


Resurgence Ultimate Ultra Lite Men's Jeans - Black


Resurgence Ultimate Ultra Lite Women's Jeans - Indigo Blue


Pando Moto Boss Dyn 01 Slim Fit Jeans

The CE rating arms race for urban motorcycle jeans are well and truly in motion and the BOSS Dyn 01 from Pando Moto is definitely competing for a place on the podium. They have achieved level AAA CE certification and with protection levels that match high-tech race suits, you would expect these to feel like medieval chainmail. Far from it.
The Boss Dyn 01s are actually a multi-layer design but a clever one, so unlike many of the layered alternatives, they remain lightweight. The outer is made from a 12.5oz Cordura stretch denim blend in a washed finish, this is backed up by UHMWPE abrasion-resistant aramid fibres underneath in the key-impact zones where you need the most hardcore protection in a spill. Height-adjustable, removable ultra-low profile SAS-TEC TripleFlex knee and hip armour are included in the price.
The Boss Dyn 01s are competitively priced with a mammoth spec sheet so we highly recommend considering these. Andrew has even made the bold claim that these are his favourite jeans in our line-up and recommendations don’t come more glowing in our opinion. The guy has tried on a lot of jeans.

Pando Moto Boss Dyn 01 Slim Fit Jeans - Black


John Doe Mono - Single Layer Jeans Collection

Pando Moto aren't the only ones to push the envelope: John Doe recently entered the CE Level AAA playing field with their Mono range of singe layer jeans. These trousers have a lengthy spec sheet that sounds too good to be true but is executed to perfection.

John Doe's highly abrasion-resistant XTM fabric is woven into the denim itself, which is nice and stretchy for genuine all-day comfort. Every jean in the Mono range comes equipped with John Doe's soft CE Level 1 armour in the hips and knees, the latter being adjustable in height.

Available in five different styles, a variety of colours and a vast array of sizes, there's no chance you won't find a Mono pair of jeans to your liking. John Doe knocked it out of the park with these! If you see your size in stock, don't hesitate, because these are proving to be so popular their production can barely keep up!

John Doe Defender Mono Cargo Trousers - Olive


John Doe Pioneer Mono Slim Jeans - Indigo


John Doe Luna Mono Women's High Waisted Jeans - Black


Available in various colours and styles

Bonus Product:

Pando Moto Skin UH 02 Armoured Leggings

Still haven't found a motorcycle trouser to your liking? You must be a nightmare to buy presents for!

We've got your ass covered, quite literally: have a look at the Pando Moto Skin UH2. These super sleek leggings are extremely comfortable to wear all day long and will easily fit underneath your everyday jeans, so you can wear whatever you already have in your wardrobe and still be protected!

Pando Moto Skin UH 02 Armoured Leggings - Black


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