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Vanoni Moto Officina is an approved BikeTrac technician - have your device fitted at the Urban Rider London Workshop for access to insurance discounts.* Book your installation by emailing info@vanoni.co.uk

The safety and security of your pride and joy are probably what is most often keeping you up at night. Chains, covers, and disc locks are all invaluable deterrents, but nothing can stop the most determined of thieves. All too often, if the worst does occur, the bike is whisked away and hidden, never to be recovered. Up steps BikeTrac - a revolutionary, discrete motorcycle tracker that offers peace of mind you can’t find elsewhere. The device is S7 Thatcham Accredited, meaning it affords you discounts with a plethora of insurance companies due to the incredibly high level of security provided.

Unlike other trackers, it uses Radio Frequency to locate your bike, as well as GPS, GPRS, and GSM, meaning it can pinpoint to an accuracy of just one metre - very useful for gaining a search warrant if you are working with the Police! This technology also allows the bike to be located where other trackers can’t, such as shipping containers, inside vans, underground parking complexes, and lock-ups/out buildings.

BikeTrac has a proven Trac record, with a 94% recovery rate over the past 10 years - that’s 1100 recoveries adding up to a total value of over £10,000,000 in motorcycles. The Operations Center does not sleep - it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you never-ending peace of mind. There is also a dedicated UK Nationwide Theft Response Team available for dispatch if the Police are unable to attend a theft in good time - an extra layer of security that sets BikeTrac above the rest.

The BikeTrac App provides real-time updates on the movements of your motorcycle, as well as notifications on your battery health and charge, and monitoring and recording of your journeys. It can also send out bike-down alerts to your selected contacts in the event of an accident.

BikeTrac has a one-off purchase price. Installation costs £150 at Vanoni Moto Officina. When everything is set up, you’ll have to activate your subscription. Costs are as follows:

1 Year
2 Years
3 Years

Key Features

Stealth installation
Vanoni Moto Officina: the mechanics located at our London Store are trained to install your BikeTrac securely in the most covert place on your particular bike, all while adhering to Thatcham’s high security standards. Book your installation by emailing info@vanoni.co.uk

Biketrac operations center
BikeTrac’s 24-7 Operations Center keeps you protected at all times. If someone is on the move with your bike, they will contact you via text, phone and email and then liaise directly with the authorities to pinpoint your machine and help recover it.

Self-maintaining power level
Your BikeTrac has its own internal battery to fall back on, so it does not just rely on your bike’s battery. If it detects a drop in the bike’s voltage, you will receive a notification and the unit will start drawing power from its own battery (which lasts up to 30 days). In most cases, this won’t often be necessary, as the BikeTrac unit draws very minimal power.

Real-Time Monitoring
Log in to the BikeTrac portal (or use the app) to edit your settings, add loved ones for notifications, check up on your pride and joy, and much more. BikeTrac even records your journeys, so if you’ve been on a ride and discovered some new favourite twisties, you can analyse, save, download or share the route!

Bike Down Alerts
If your BikeTrac notices your bike going down while the ignition is on, your selected contacts will automatically be notified.

*Insurance providers that recognise BikeTrac:
Ducati Insurance
Kawasaki Insurance
Adelaide Cornmarket
Adrian Flux
Carole Nash
IAM RoadSmart Cornmarket
Money Supermarket
Motorcycle Direct
Motorcycle News
The Bike Insurer

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