Tucano USA

Italian scooter wear manufacturer Tucano Urbano does not export to the US. Urban Rider is the largest UK stockist with a central London store. We ship to the US on a daily basis the full range of products including scooter jackets, scooter leg covers (termoscuds), bar muffs, boots, gloves and neck collars.

Pricing / Tax

Customers can select USD $ from the currency dropdown at the top right hand side of the web page. Prices will be displayed in USD and VAT of 20% deducted from the prices. Please be aware you may be charged a local customs charge on receipt.

Shipping / Customs

We ship via UPS and it takes 2-3 days to arrive from dispatch. We provide tracking information to you. Please be aware you may be charged sales tax by local customs on receipt of the package.

Sizing / Scooter Models

We provide US sizing for clothing on the product pages, please be aware the slight difference in some scooter engine sizes. This doesn't affect fitting of products. For example the Vespa LX 150cc is a 125cc in Europe but the same scooter leg cover fits.

If you have any specific queries please email us at info@urbanrider.co.uk and we will get back to you within 24 hours.