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Top 5 Summer Motorcycle Gloves 2022 

A good summer glove is lightweight, thin and offers loads of dexterity without skimping on protection. With 230 styles in our Summer Glove range there is an abundance of very nice options for you to choose from, but we often get asked what our personal favourites are. So here's our top 5 for this year! Be sure to watch our video review and have Tim run you through the list.

Watch Our Top 5 Summer Motorcycle Gloves Video 

Goldtop Short Bobber Gloves

We could have picked any glove from the Goldtop range and it would have suited our top 5. The brand consistently produces top-tier motorcycle jackets and gloves at remarkable price points. We chose the Bobber because we love the simple, classic look and subtle design accents. We now have two new colours in the Goldtop range: Racing Green and Oxblood.

Goldtop Short Bobber Gloves Review

Merlin Shenstone Leather Mesh Gloves

After the runaway success of the Shenstone jacket, Merlin designed a matching pair of gloves and, despite it being the cheapest glove on this list, it has thoroughly impressed us during this summer’s hot weather. Modelling the summer riding ethos of their namesake, the final result is a lightweight, comfortable, warm-weather leather glove with mesh panels for excellent airflow.

Merlin Shenstone Leather Mesh Gloves Video Review

Fuel Triple Crown Gloves

We love the stylish tri-colour looks of the Fuel Triple Crown glove. It is a lightweight, flexible leather glove that is supremely comfortable out of the box. It is in fact based on the ever-popular Fuel Rodeo gloves. It lacks ventilation but will still be comfortable for riding in temperatures up to the high 20s. If you want a glove for riding in the blistering heat, check out the perforated version of the aforementioned Rodeo!

Fuel Triple Crown Gloves Review

Revit Mangrove Gloves

We can’t help but feel Rev’it are being somewhat modest with their description of the Mangrove glove - this self-proclaimed ‘entry-level’ adventure offering is packed so full of features, that the only thing entry-level about it is the extremely attractive price point. Designed for those looking to expand their horizons on-or-off road, the Mangrove glove is a fantastic, low-cost warm-weather option for the adventurous. It is perhaps the most “modern” looking glove on this list, but we love the eclectic style with the rubber PWR knuckle protector as its most striking feature. A very similar glove in Revit’s arsenal is the Sand 4, which is available both as a ventilated or a waterproof version and also has a women’s version tailored to the female hand shape.

Revit Mangrove Gloves Video Review

Knox Orsa MK2 Leather Gloves

All gloves in this line-up are CE tested and approved and thus offer a reassuring degree of protection when on the bike. The Knox Orsa is probably the most protective of the lot, with a beefy, floating knuckle protector, super-strong construction and hard scaphoid protectors on the palms. Bonus points for the mildly addictive BOA closure around the wrist. We feature the leather Orsa in our video, but it’s worth noting there is also a textile OR3 version which will allow for slightly more airflow and is thus focused a bit more on the hottest of days.

Knox Orsa MK2 Leather Gloves Video Review

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