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Motorcycle riding shirts are a really stylish way to beat the heat during summer riding and they have improved a huge amount over the last few years. Here are our top 5 motorcycle riding shirts for 2021. Be sure to watch our video review and have Tim run you through the ins and outs of these protective tops!

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Merlin Axe Riding Shirt

The Merlin Axe armoured overshirt emphasises what Merlin does best: delivering a flawlessly executed product for a very competitive price point. The Axe looks and feels just like a heavy-duty flannel shirt, but there's a lot going on underneath the bonnet. It is fully lined with Kevlar® fibres, not just in high impact areas but throughout the garment. It comes with CE level 1 armour in the shoulders and elbows and there's a pocket for an optional back protector. all of that is backed up by a mesh lining to keep things comfortable and airy. Perfect for a relaxing ride-out on a sunny day. CE Level A approved. Available in 6 colours.

When ordering: The Merlin Axe is a very popular product and right now, demand far exceeds supply. We have good stock of the Red/Black shirt and more of the others arriving throughout Summer. Just take note of the lead time on the shirt you are after when placing your order. In any case, these are worth the wait!

Merlin Axe Riding Shirt - Black/Grey


Merlin Axe Riding Shirt - Black/Red


Revit Tracer 2 Overshirt

The Tracer 2 is an overshirt that is not only slim and fashionable enough for blasting around the city but will protect you when you need it most thanks to 11oz. Cordura® denim combined with robust triple-needle stitching and Rev'It!'s slim SEESMART™ CE-level 1 approved shoulder and elbow protectors. This level of abrasion and impact protection on a casual shirt that achieves such a tailored fit is testament to the Dutch designers' attention to detail and innovative prowess.

Note: In our video we mention this shirt is CE Level A approved. Since filming, Revit have achieved a higher AA rating on the exact same shirt, without increasing the price. Win-win!

Revit Tracer 2 Overshirt -  Dark Blue


John Doe XTM Motoshirt

The downside of the Revit Tracer 2? It only comes in one colour. You need options? John Doe will give you them. The John Doe XTM Motoshirt comes in no less than 10 colourways for men, and 3 for women.

Although the Motoshirt is slightly thicker than the Tracer 2, this is offset by its integrated Coolmax layer and zipped vent across the back. It has a Kevlar® layer backing up the soft cotton twill outer, which in combination with the included shoulder and elbow armour gives this shirt a CE Level AA safety rating.

John Doe XTM Motoshirt - Camel


John Doe XTM Motoshirt - Black


John Doe XTM Women's Motoshirt - Olive


Resurgence Ultra Riding Shirt

It has been a long wait, and the reason we filmed our Top 5 video months ago but only publish it now: the Resurgence Ultra riding shirt is finally back in stock. Those of you who managed to get their hands on one since its release last summer have nothing but praise for this garment and it's easy to understand why.

The Ultra shirt has passed the CE safety tests and achieved a truly impressive Level AAA rating. It is not the cheapest on this list, but you do get a full set (shoulders, elbows and back) of D3O armour included in the price. With safety ratings that match those of full-spec race suits, you'd think this shirt is bulky and cumbersome to wear. You'd be wrong. The Ultra shirt fits like a light summer jacket and is tailored like an overshirt. Highly recommended.

Resurgence Ultra Riding Shirt - Green


Resurgence Ultra Riding Shirt - Black


Belstaff Mansion Riding Shirt

The Belstaff Mansion shirt is both the most expensive and lightest weight garment on this list. Despite its lack of bulk, it has still achieved a CE Level A safety rating, making it perfect for navigating an urban setting on a hot summer's day. The fit and finish are what you'd expect from Belstaff: top-notch.

Belstaff Mansion Riding Shirt - Military Green


Belstaff Mansion Riding Shirt - Black


Bonus Product:

Pando Moto UH 02 Armoured Shirt

Still not sure what to go for? You must be that guy emailing us about waterproof motorcycle sandals. Have a look at the Pando Moto Shell UH02, a protective baselayer that you can wear underneath any top you already own.

Pando Moto UH 02 Armoured Shirt - Black


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