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We have been selling motorcycle gear for 14 years now, and one of the questions we keep getting asked is "what do you wear on the bike?" We highly rate all of the items we sell, or we wouldn't have selected them in the first place. But when it comes to our personal preferences, we are fortunate enough to be able to cherry-pick exactly what suits our needs and style.

So what makes the cut? We thought we'd take you through a few of our personal riding outfits starting with a familiar face. Andrew is one of Urban Rider's co-founders and long-serving face of our Youtube channel. Let's take a look at his wardrobe.

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"I look fantastic in this helmet"

"I love to look like I ride I motocross"

Shoei Glamster Helmet - Matt Black



Bell Moto 3 Helmet - Black



Bell Moto 3 Helmet

"This is my go to. It gives you that open face feel with full face protection"

Decades after the release of the original, the Moto 3 is still one of the most iconic helmets ever to see the light of day and is a firm favourite for urban riders who love to shred the trails as well as the city streets.⁠ Its aperture is big enough to fit any goggles and gives you an excellent field of view.

"This is my go to... it gives you that open face feel with full face protection"

One Hundred Percent Barstow Goggles

These goggles are one of our favourite on the market. They're one of the toughest yet most comfortable goggles around, and they pair up perfectly with the Bell Moto 3 helmet!

"A perfect match for my Moto 3"

Shoei Glamster Helmet

"My perfect helmet, basically"

Let's be clear: Andrew does not own this helmet (yet). That's because he bought himself a - now discontinued - Shoei RYD a few weeks before the Glamster was announced.

You can't really go wrong with Shoei, but while the RYD was a perfectly fine helmet, the Glamster definitely trumps it in the looks department. It is lightweight and comfortable while offering premium levels of safety.⁠ It is squarely aimed at the classic and custom segment and its looks are based on full-face helmets from the sixties and seventies. But make no mistakes, under the hood, this helmet has all of the modern safety features that make Shoei such a well-respected name in motorcycle land.

Belstaff Ivy Bull Leather Jacket

"There is no way to justify this jacket's price. Until you try it on."

The Ivy is the most expensive leather jacket in our offering and comes in at an eye-watering £1,125. It is also one of the best-fitting and best-looking jackets in our collection. Andrew fell in love with it and justified the purchase by realising his previous Belstaff jacket had served him well for over a decade of daily use.

That's exactly what he's putting he's putting his Ivy through, by the way: you'll see him rock up to the office in this jacket every day of the year. Rain or shine.

Knox Urbane Pro MKII

Like most of us, Andrew also has an Urbane Pro. It works brilliantly as a mesh jacket on hot summer days and can be worn under any outer layer when the weather is less than ideal. Andy loves his and, looking at the reviews, it seems most of our customers do too.

"I recommend every motorcyclist has one of these"

El Solitario Rascal Trousers

"As soon as I saw these, I wanted them"

These are just something special. The El Solitario Rascals are one of the few leather options in our trouser segment. They are super comfortable, but they might be a bit hot to wear in the office all day long. The quality of these is just exquisite. The Rascals are handmade in a little atelier in the Spanish region of Galicia. Andrew has been wearing his for about 5 years now and they are aging incredibly well.

Pando Moto Boss Dyn 01 Jeans

"These are my favourite jeans."

Every time Pando Moto brings out a new product, we are pleasantly surprised. Andrew especially likes his Boss Dyn jeans. They aren't single layer but are more than comfortable enough to wear all day long. The AAA safety rating is testimony to the quality of these jeans. You can't go wrong with Pando Moto, even if they still are a relatively little known brand. 

Rokker Urban Rebel Boots

The Urban Racer / Rebel boot is a long-standing staff and customer favourite. They come at a price, but you get super-sturdy yet comfortable boots in return. These will last you ages, and they'll look better as time goes on. The Urban Racer is currently out of stock in most sizes, but the recently released Urban Rebel is in many ways the same boot, just a bit lighter and arguably even more refined. Hand-crafted in Portugal.

"They're such a durable and stylish boot and they've worn in amazingly"

Velomacchi 28L Speedway Roll-Top Backpack

"A wonderful bit of kit... my day to day"

Velomacchi makes some of the most hardwearing, beautifully detailed backpacks on the planet.

A firm favourite of the Urban Rider crew, with many of us rocking a Velomacchi backpack on a daily basis ever since we discovered the brand five years ago.⁠

Revit Hydra 2 Gloves

"my more practical gloves"

Rev'It do a whole range of short-cuff, waterproof riding gloves. Some of us don't get on with the gauntlet style, longer cuffed gloves that don't always play nice with our jacket sleeves. These are a very effective alternative that will keep the cold and the wet at bay while remaining comfortable.