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Knox Seasonless Collection

Few motorcycle gear brands come with such pedigree as Knox. The brand has been pushing the sector forward for decades with innovations in the field of protective rider equipment. When they talk, the industry tends to listen.

For years they have been advocating for a layered approach to protection. They state it is paramount to keep your armour close to your body to ensure it stays in place and won't shift around in case of a spill. This gives you the opportunity to layer above and below your protective shell to cater to the elements.

This philosophy has now culminated in the Seasonless Collection. Knox have created a range of products that offer a plethora of layering options to keep you safe and comfortable on the bike, on every ride and during every season. Start with core protection and add layers to adapt and overcome all conditions, from unbearable heat to driving rain and bitter cold.


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Heat And Moisture Management

All seasonless outfits start with Knox Dual Active base layers for increased comfort, heat and moisture management. This is the biggest impact you can make to staying comfortable on the bike: replacing your cotton t-shirt with a Dual Active base layer will make a massive difference in wicking moisture away from the body and maintaining a comfortable temperature. Recently awarded the coveted RIDE Best Buy award!




No Jacket Required

This is the most important layer in a motorcyclist's outfit and what the entire Seasonless Collection pivots around.

Knox armoured shirts can be worn on their own with no other jacket required. They are all constructed using abrasion-resistant mesh which provides amazing airflow in hot conditions, while their form-fitting nature means the industry-leading Knox Micro-Lock armour will always be in the right spot.

Knox offers plenty of options in this category, with a safety rating to suit your needs and the type of riding you do. You can pick between CE Level A, AA and even AAA-rated garments. These are some of our most popular items and we have recommended these to countless riders, both beginners and veterans. Be sure to check all of our video reviews to get a more in-depth explanation of each of them!


CE Level A

The Knox Action Pro MK2 is an extremely low-profile, abrasion-resistant armoured shirt designed to fit underneath your riding gear. Featuring super slimline Level 1 Knox Micro-lock armour at the shoulders, elbows, and a Level 2 Micro-lock back armour insert, this base-layer is suitable for other adrenaline-fuelled pursuits too - from skateboarding and skiing, to eBiking through the city streets.

With a sleek, laid-back athletic-inspired aesthetic, and minimal, discrete branding, the Knox Action Pro MK2 is protective enough to be worn solo in the summer heat, or layered up when the weather turns. Offering enough protection for city riders, the Action Pro is a great way to upgrade your urban riding wardrobe. This is the lightest-weight Armoured Shirt Knox make, so unobtrusive you'll barely know you're wearing it.

The same idea was then applied to their matching leggings, because our lower halves need some loving too!


CE Level AA

This is the one that started it all: a couple of years ago, Knox completely changed the game with the Urbane Pro armoured shirt. Magically combining the lightweight and ventilated features of an armoured undershirt with the abrasion-resistant qualities of an outer motorcycle jacket, it completely blew us away and has gone down as one of the most popular products ever stocked here at Urban Rider.

This middle-of-the-road solution could be all you will ever need for upper-body protection. With a CE Level AA rating, it is slightly heavier and more substantial than the Action Pro but still supremely comfortable no matter your riding position.

You can't go wrong with the Urbane Pro, but don't just take our word for it, have a look at the 200+ five-star reviews customers have left this product!


CE Level AAA

The Honister is an armoured shirt CE Approved to Level AAA - the highest class available, usually reserved for one-piece leather race suits. This achievement truly cannot be understated - this is an armoured base-layer that offers the highest level of protection on the market, without sacrificing on breathability or comfort. It is nothing short of groundbreaking.

Compare this to the Action Pro or Urbane Pro, and the differences are immediately noticeable: the Honister means business and has the heft and substance to back that up, all while remaining extremely comfortable and all-day wearable. If you need something to commute through town on, go for one of the above, if you want to explore the upper regions of your speedometer, however, the Honister is where it's at.


Dual Pro 3-In-1 Weather Resistant

If you own an armoured shirt and are looking for way to extend its use all year round, then the Knox Dual Pro should be your first port of call. No longer is there a need to fill your wardrobe with a different jacket for every riding season - every base is covered thanks to the Knox Seasonless system, offering riders true freedom and versatility to combat whatever weather comes their way.

The Knox Dual Pro jacket is a true 3-1 garment designed as part of the Knox Seasonless collection to pair seamlessly with the range of Knox Armoured shirts. The Dual Pro is a versatile and sustainable way to tackle year-round riding.

The tough, technical, soft-shell outer sports a clean and universal aesthetic, and a waterproof and breathable 10K membrane for harsh weather conditions. It’s backed by a cosy micro-fleece, adding rider comfort and moisture-wicking properties for temperature regulation. The easily-detachable thermal liner fastens using soft press studs and stretch fabric for optimum positioning. THERMOLITE® Plus technology utilises durable hollow fibres that create an insulating layer of warm air within the garment that keeps you warm in gruelling weather conditions. Wear just the shell, just the liner, or both together for the ultimate selection of methods to combat the elements.


Laminated, Waterproof Outer Shell

When the weather really kicks you in the teeth and the heavens open up, you will want an extra layer of defence.

With Knox's waterproof outer shell you’ll stay completely dry whatever the weather, thanks to an incredibly durable, high-performance polyester tri-laminate fabric, with a waterproof and breathable membrane, and fully taped seams.