Urban Rider Street Scrambler 400


These three questions are asked everyday in our London store when customers see our Street Scrambler in the flesh. 

What?  Our Street Scrambler is based on a Honda CL 400cc donor bike.  A lightweight single cylinder motorcycle produced solely for the Japanese market between 1998-2002. A reliable commuter, we transform the simple platform into a hugely fun motorcycle capable of taking on your daily commute, trips to the countryside and even off road. 

Why?  Co-founder of Urban Rider, William Starritt, is an engineering graduate and trained in Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art in London.  He decided to create his own bike to suit his needs as a city dweller.  The brief was a lightweight scrambler with plenty of low down power, great for filtering, practical for a pillion, reliable, drop dead gorgeous and at a price where the prospect of leaving it in a London parking bay wasn't terrifying.

His research led him to a little known grey import, the CL 400.  Similar to the Yamaha SR500 but with a critical difference, it wasn't an old bike!  The bulletproof XR400 engine has automatic de-compression so kickstarting is a breeze.  Modern running gear, brakes and good quality front suspension complete the standard bike.  The perfect blend of modern technology and yester-year frame geometry weighing in at only 140kg compared with the 205kg of a Triumph Scrambler.  If electric start is required we can build with the CB400SS sister model.

How much?  A low mileage donor bike costs around £2500.  The final bike is built to £6500 depending on final specification.  The bike is registered, MOTed and taxed.  A build takes approximately 6 weeks.  Contact will@urbanrider.co.uk to enquire about availability.  We try to have 2 bikes in the build process at any one time.  When the build process reaches paint and finishing the bike is made available for sale and the opportunity to tweak it to your taste is presented.


The design of our motorcycle has been iterated so that the numerous fabricated elements, wiring and ergonomics are tried and tested.  Initially using parts made by hand everything from the position of the speedo mount through to the length of the mudguards has been considered.  Much of the aesthetic comes from Trials bikes of the 1960s with cues from modern flat track racing.  Specialist trades were consulted during the design process to ensure the motorcycle is not only beautiful, but safe and practical.


The parts, brackets and mounts that are custom made for the bike start out on a computer.  A digital pattern is used to laser cut the basic shapes from mild steel.  Each part is then bent, drilled and welded.  The rear frame is cut, kicked up and re-welded.  The exhaust is fabricated by Geoff from Co-Built Fabrication, a real craftsman.  It is stainless steel with a removable baffle.  All parts are test-mounted before being send for powdercoating and paint.  The bike is then re-wired by Steve from the Motorcycle Wiring Company and the seat re-shaped and covered by Lee from Viking Vinyl.


We can supply an array of different lights, handlebars, footpegs and speedometers.  The bike you see uses a tractor headlight made in India, halogen bullet front indicators, minimalist LED rear indicators and a Bates style LED rear indicator.  Other parts include Renthal Ultra Low Bars, replical Tommaselli Daytona grips, motoross footpegs, Motogadget Tiny speedometer and Bridgestone Trailwing dual-sport tyres. 


Designing and fabricating a stainless steel exhaust system is a specialist and highly skilled task.  We worked with Geoff from Co-Built Fabrication in Oxfordshire to design a system that would give the Scrambler some Flat track edge to it's aesthetic.  Each system is hand made by Geoff and features an easy to remove baffle.  The exhaust note is a coarse thump, not so loud as to un-duly upset neighbours but let's face it, the sound has to be right!


The Scrambler is well capable of A-road and off road kicks.  Fitted with Bridgestone Trailwing dual sport tyres it can handle any surface.  The XR400 engine is proven for years with the dual sport market, we highly recommend trying the bike off road.