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The season is upon us - where we struggle to buy the right gifts for our loved ones and Christmas Eve turns into a stressful last-minute dash to the shops.

Don't let that be you this Christmas. The ever-growing Urban Rider range consists of thousands of tried and tested items specifically catering to the discerning motorcyclist, but we have made things even easier for you: take a look below at our hand-picked selection of gifts that are guaranteed easy wins and are bound to put a smile on the face of the motorcyclist in your life.

Gift Cards

We motorcyclists are a picky bunch, so if you're looking for a present for someone with an inclination for life on two wheels, why not go for an easy win and get them an Urban Rider gift card?

You have two options to choose from: our Virtual card which gets emailed to the lucky recipient, and a Postal one which will be printed on a fancy card and sent out like all our other parcels.

Stocking Fillers

Small gifts, big smiles

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Pack your bags and hit the road

Two titans of the industry have teamed up to create a supremely functional range of luggage with rugged, retro aesthetics - the Roam collection.

Enduristan's range of soft luggage is known to be virtually indestructible and cleverly designed. Every single one of their products aims for unrivalled durability and ease-of-use in the field.

Wentworth have created three products that cater perfectly to a motorcyclist’s needs with an abundance of features and a very keen eye for detail.

Whether you are looking to accessorise yourself or your bike, Trip Machine is the way to go.

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