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Shoei RYD Helmet

Shoei RYD Helmet

Picture the scene if you will. You’re cruising down a country road, the towering trees either side of you part like the Red Sea. Animals come out from hiding to observe your majesty, the mighty deer and its fawn, the gentle birds hush their singing to listen to the sweet sounds of your engine. A pack of wolves gathers, you lock eyes with the leader, he nods in respect. As you approach the small country town the mayor rushes the townsfolk into position, this is a big moment for them. You arrive, the place erupts, flowers are thrown into the air, dancing and merriment ensue. But you only have one thing on your mind, it’s been troubling you for the entire ride, has soured the entire day.  Why can’t you buy a helmet that has modern, top of the range technical specs while maintaining a classic retro aesthetic? Worry no more.

Shoei have been studying the art of helmets since 1958 and they haven’t wasted a moment. They are dedicated to creating world-class lids across all areas of the motorcycle world and they continue to impress with cutting edge ideas and technology. So, naturally, when Shoei announced the RYD we just had to know more.

Shoei RYD Helmets

In the last few years the world of custom and classic motorcycles has skyrocketed. This is why the Shoei RYD is so exciting: it reaches out to this growing movement, a yearning for reserved simplicity but an eagerness to keep state-of- the-art top quality features. The RYD has got the technical features you’d expect to find on a storm trooper helmet but delivers them in a package that’s subtle, understated and classic. This is where we get technical. Deep breath.

The RYD has a multi-composite fibre shell that maximises shock absorption while maintaining optimum rigidity. The inner shell is also multi layered for the best protection. In layman’s terms, it’ll take a good beating. The RYD is fitted with an EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System) for easy removal of the cheek pads (and thus the helmet) in the event of an emergency and a chin strap with a double-d- ring fastening system which is simple, perfectly adjustable and still the safest locking mechanism you can get.

For comfort the RYD has cut no corners. The inner liner contains luscious and soft padding; it feels like being hugged intimately by a marshmallow man. Try one on when you get a chance and you’ll see what we mean. The helmet also has integrated ear pads that reduce excess noise, ideal for high-speed track days, motorways and whinging cyclists. There are four shell sizes, making sure you always get a snug fit and don’t end up looking like a bobble head. The ventilation on the RYD is impressively effective, keeping the high quality standard of a Shoei and integrating it into a sleek retro design. The lower ventilation allows a dynamic stream of airflow, keeping you cool in the summer and stopping your visor fogging up. Additional inlets in the brow and chin enforce this, keeping you refreshed in the heat of the sun.

Shoei RYD colours

The RYD comes equipped with a clear UV protective visor and there’s also an array of additional visors available from gold, smoke and rainbow to Transitions adaptive visors (photochromic) so you can customise your helmet to suit your style. A Pinlock visor is included, Shoei really aren’t pulling any punches here.

Seeing these stats you’d think the Shoei RYD was made for GS riders and weekend racers (no offence intended guys). It isn’t. It’s a beautifully sleek helmet that takes a big and long anticipated step into crossing the bridge between modern and retro.

The RYD is available now at in Tangerine Orange, Matt Blue, Matt Black, Gloss Black, White, Matt Deep Grey and Basalt Grey.  The full range of visors include clear, light smoke, dark smoke, blue iridium, silver iridium, red iridium, hi-def yellow and photochromic.

For an in-depth look at the RYD and its features, please watch our video review.