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Used Vespa Scooters


  • Model
  • Vespa LX
  • Vespa LX
  • Vespa LX
  • Vespa LX
  • Vespa LX
  • Engine Size
  • 50 cc
  • 125 cc
  • 125 cc
  • 125 cc
  • 125 cc
  • Colour
  • Red/Chrome
  • Silver
  • Aubergine
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Year
  • 2005
  • 2007
  • 2006
  • 2008
  • 2006
  • Miles
  • 19,661
  • 10,087
  • 20,236
  • 9,109
  • 14,140
  • Price (£)
  • 1150
  • 1799
  • 1550
  • 1950
  • 1750

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Motorcycle and scooter parking is free
in the surrounding roads.


- 3 month comprehensive warranty
- Full service prior to sale
- MOT (if required) and road tax
- London's largest range of scooter wear (package deals available)

Selling used Vespas is a small part of our business for which we are well known locally.  It isn't our core business so we can be pretty fussy about the scooters we sell.  Our mechanic, Len, does all our buying and every scooter is comprehensively checked.  We know what to buy so you can minimise on-going maintenance costs and achieve a strong re-sale value.

We focus on the Vespa LX, S and GT models.  The stock list on the left is regularly updated but do get in touch if you have specific requirements or would like us to email you some pictures of a scooter. 

Used Vespa LX Second Hand London

The Vespa LX has been the 'standard' Vespa model since 2003.  Available with 50cc or 125cc engines, it is the ideal stylish commuter bike for London and constitutes the majority of our scooters for sale.

Used Vespa S Second Hand London

The Vespa S is an LX but with bells and whistles.  The changes are purely cosmetic, it has a square headlight and mirrors, different clocks and some extra chrome.  It has a single seat and is evocative of the 1970s.

Expect to pay a small premium over the LX.

Used Vespa Granturismo Second Hand London

The Granturismo (GT) was introduced at the same time as the LX in 2003.  We think of it as a Vespa on steriods.

Available in 125cc, 200cc, 250cc and 300cc versions it is more practical for large men, riders who take passengers regularly or travel on A-roads daily.