Top 5 Scooter Helmets Review

12 June 2012 14:00:34 BST

Riding a scooter is inherently risky, so having the right head protection is crucial.  However it is also great fun and looking stylish features high on many riders’ priorities when choosing a new helmet.  

At Urban Rider we go to all the major shows worldwide and cherry pick the very best helmets for our customers.  All the helmets we sell comply with the latest European safety standards.  Here are our top 5 scooter helmets as of June 2012.

1.  Premier Jet Vintage

Mod culture in the 1960s dictated helmets should be a simple ‘Jet’ style with sleek lines and ergonomic shape.  Italian manufacturer, Premier helmets, have combined classic styling with modern materials and design innovations in developing the Jet Vintage.

The carbon fibre shell is incredibly strong and super-light, weighing in at 1-1.1kg.  A retractable inner visor ensures it is practical in adverse weather.  Removable and washable inner padding allow the rider to tweak the fit and keep the interior fresh.  

The helmet is available in numerous paint finishes, from super cool matt black through to pearlescent and metal flake finishes.  The quality of the paint work is top notch.  

A ‘classic’ version is available for those who prefer the use of goggles / fixed visor to the inner visor.  This version has press studs for attaching a bubble visor and a goggle retainer clip at the rear.  

Surely a specification such as this justifies a top price tag?  Well by sheer scale of production the Jet Vintage starts at £149.99 depending on the paint finish.

Safe, stylish and awesome value ensure the Premier Jet Vintage is our no.1 scooter helmet.

Premier Jet Vintage Helmet


2.  Lem Roger Retro Helmet

Lem helmets are owned by Spanish lock manufacturer Luma, which indicates build quality is high on the agenda.
The Roger is a super compact shell, no fear of looking like a member of the Jetsons family here!  The shell is polycarbonate, although not a sexy material it does the job for urban use.

Where this helmet excels is ticking all the boxes for an incredible price and looking cool.  Compact, light, simple retro paint schemes, removable lining, decent size visor, quick release fastening for under £100.

Those with larger heads beware, the largest size of Lem Roger is a 59cm circumference.

Lem Roger Retro Helmet


3.  Momo Mangusta

For much of the 2000s, Momo helmets were the industry standard for scooter helmets.  Their power started to wane in the last few years, but with fresh impetus from new owners we were blown away by the all new Mangusta.

Momo excel with their attention to detail.  The quality of the paint finish, visor hinges, interior lining and visor is second to none.  The adjectives ‘sumptuous’ and ‘awesome’ come to mind when holding one in hand.  

The Mangusta is a composite shell, manufactured from a combination of carbon fibre and fibreglass.  Extremely light and strong, in no way style over substance.

The Momo Mangusta can cope with high speed riding as well as urban use and represents more of an investment with its £200+ price point.

Momo Mangusta Helmet


4.  Davida Jet

Manufacturing in Britain is dead?  Not so when it comes to helmets!  England boast one of the leading helmet manufacturers in the world, Davida of Liverpool.  If you like products hand crafted, each one made to order and incredibly cool then the Davida Jet is for you.

Each helmet is hand painted to order, the array of beautiful designs grows each year and each helmet is a work of art.  Like the Premier, the shape of the Davida Jet has it’s origins in the 60s but retains features such as a hand stitched leather lining.  The outer shell is fibreglass and will stand the test of time. 

As seen in many a Hollywood film, the Davida showcases the Best of British and depending on the model will set you back £230-275

Davida Jet Helmet


5.  Nexx X60 Vintage

Portuguese manufacturer Nexx helmets have undergone astonishing growth over the last few years largely due to a focus on quality, value and style.

The X60 shell fits beautifully and has spawned many variations allowing the rider to choose from a huge range of colours and material finishes.  Our pick of the styles is the X60 Vintage which combines a painted shell with leather trim.  The helmet oozes cool with contrasting stitching and a lightly tinted visor.

The shell is polycarbonate which makes the helmet a very affordable £114.99

Nexx X60 Vintage

All top 5 helmets are available in our London store or to purchase on our website.  We ship internationally every day.

Our range is second to none in the UK, we could quite easily have written a top 20! 

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